George Clooney’s Boy’s Response to Finding His Dad Was Batman


George Clooney is most often praised for his diverse roles and performance skills. A talented actor and producer, Clooney’s award-winning career spans more than 40 years. Anyone would be intimidated by the accomplished actor’s professional career—anyone, that is, except for his son.

Clooney’s 5-Year-Old Son Tells It Like It Is

George and Amal Clooney celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary by joining Gayle King on CBS Mornings. The couple talked about their relationship and family dynamics as well as their children. Alexander and Ella Clooney, both five-year-olds, are part of the Clooney family. While talking about their kids, George couldn’t help but share how his son really feels about the actor’s portrayal of the Dark Knight in the 1997 movie Batman and Robin.

“Alexander’s favorite superhero is Batman and I say, ‘What’s your favorite superhero?’ and he goes ‘Batman,’”George made a comment. “And I say, ‘You know, I was Batman.’ And he goes, ‘Yeah, but not anymore.’ If only he knew how true that was.”

Alexander’s response to his dad’s comment is priceless. Although Clooney’s fans and colleagues highly respect his career and accomplishments, his son doesn’t hold anything back. Alexander isn’t even intimidated by his father’s AFI Life Achievement Award.

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To Alexander’s credit, Clooney’s Batman films are considered to be some of the worst Batman projects ever, so much so that the movie franchise took a hiatus for eight years before Christian Bale replaced Clooney. Could Alexander have known this about his dad’s legacy? You wouldn’t think so, but the Clooney twins do seem brilliant. Both Alexander and his twin sister, Ella, already know things that their parents don’t. Clooney, in an interview with CBS, admits that he made a huge mistake with the twins.

George Clooney’s Terrible Parenting Mistake

“Well, we’ve made a terrible mistake,”Clooney was admitted as King. “We taught them Italian, but we don’t speak Italian. So we’ve armed them with a language they can harm us with and we don’t really know what they’re saying.” Clooney goes on to share that the kids aren’t just fluent in two languages. The twins are fluent in French, Italian, English and both languages.

We hope Alexander keeps making us laugh, regardless of what language he speaks. Now that we know Alexander is trilingual, we’ll just have to hope George Clooney understands when his son is talking straight to him.

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