George Gray has two words of advice for up-and-coming talents (Exclusive).


The Price is Right George Gray, an announcer, has a dream job. His work is featured on CBS five days a semaine, on TVs of fans, and in person on the Come on Down Tour. Paramount+ – On-Demand Anytime. However, his gig on America’s favorite game show was not easy or quick. He has been working in entertainment for decades, and he took on many different projects before joining. The price is right. When asked for advice, he replied with a simple two-word mantra: “Stay hungry.”

“I’ve actually had a lot of people ask me when they’re in L.A., ‘What’s the advice? What should I do? How should I do it?’ And I always say the same thing: ‘Stay hungry,'”He spoke to PopCulture on Friday while in Nashville. “If you get married and have a couple of kids, and get your nine to five, you start tacking on more things that take away from [your career]. If this is what you really truly want to do as your life, not just as a side project, not just, ‘Oh yeah, I’d love to put my toe in it.’ No, if this is what you want to do, you need to sleep on a futon, and have a cardboard box for a coffee table, and probably steal your neighbor’s cable.

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Living lean is the key to focusing. It will keep you right where you need to go.”

Gray eventually married the love of his life, Brittney Green, in 2019, when he was well-established and well into his Price Is Right run. But before then, he had to take some gigs that might not have meshed well with significant others. In fact, one of those gigs, Junkyard Wars (also known as Scrapheap Challenge), was the breakout he needed to level up.

“A show I did was called Junkyard WarsIt was 1999 years ago. It was a show that no one wanted to miss.” he recalled thinking at the time. “I just finished The Gong Show. My agent said to me, “Hey, would you like to go on this show?” Nobody will ever see it. It’ll be just a few dollars in your pockets. I know that you enjoy racing and building cars. You can live in England for approximately six months before you start making your money. You can then come back to us and we will get you a gig. It was No. Discovery TLC’s No. 1 show was nominated for a Primetime Emmy. It launched all building shows and took me to a whole new level.

“Then NBC picked me off to do Weakest Link. And then that got me into games, and then after that, I just never looked back. I wouldn’t have taken that show if I had a newborn child at home, or just recently married, because what kind of terrible person are you? You go, ‘Hey sweetie, you and Junior have a good time. I’m going to be gone for a half a year racing and building cars.’ I mean, I’d hit myself if I said that. But for me, I was able to do that. And I had no idea. I did not have that crystal ball to see that that was going to be a huge pivot point in my career.”

Gray is currently on the Come on Down Tour. Price is rightFans from all over the U.S. will be able to meet Gray and play some of his iconic games. Gray said it was a memorable experience, and he loved seeing fans enjoy the show’s magic beyond a taping in Los Angeles.

“There’s a lot of people that just can never make it,”Gray. “There’s lot of people that, it’s just too far, they can’t get away from work, they just don’t have the time. Maybe they’re not that mobile, and they can’t get around. And so, by having something where I can get to say ‘Hi’ to them in person, they can actually drop a Plinko chip, feel one in their hand, spin the wheel, maybe play a showcase for some cool local prizes. It’s really neat. You can just see people’s faces light up.”

The price is rightTake a Down Tour will be in St. Louis on April 28, Cleveland on May 6 and New York City on May 18. To participate, all guests must present proof of COVID-19 vaccination. The televised show airs weekdays on CBS at 11:00 a.m. and features Gray as the announcer and Drew Carey serving as host. ET. You can also watch episodes Paramount+ available for you to view.