George Gray talks about bringing show to fans across the US (Exclusive).


The price is right fans have gotten to experience the show is a totally new way over the past weeks — in person, across the country. The show is currently at the forefront of the Take a Down Tour, where George Gray is the announcer and brings a mobile version The CBS game programTo cities across the U.S. Fans are able to show up and — for no cost — experience some of the show’s key games, including Plinko and the Showcase Showdown, all while Gray calls the action. Gray spoke with on Friday during the Nashville stop. He knows that this is the only way most people will ever see the magic of the show in person (unless they travel down to Los Angeles to get a taping ticket), so Gray tries to make it special.

“There’s a lot of people that just can never make it,”Gray only spoke to PopCulture “There’s lot of people that, it’s just too far, they can’t get away from work, they just don’t have the time. Maybe they’re not that mobile, and they can’t get around. And so, by having something where I can get to say ‘Hi’ to them in person, they can actually drop a Plinko chip, feel one in their hand, spin the wheel, maybe play a showcase for some cool local prizes. It’s really neat. You can just see people’s faces light up.”

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Gray has found this experience to be a wonderful joy, having the opportunity to visit different cities in the United States and meeting locals. “I actually love traveling,”He stated. “I love seeing new places. I’m one of those guys, where I love seeing what historic buildings are in a downtown, meeting people, what brewpubs they have, check out the local beers and wines, and just to get to meet people.”

The tour isn’t over, however, as there are still three special stops, one of which is special for the beloved announcer. “I’m from St. Louis, and so, Mama Mai is there. Hi Mama Mai! And so, she’s actually going to come down to the event in St. Louis. So, I think that’s kind of a big deal because she doesn’t want to do that. She’s like, ‘No one wants to see me. I’m 86 years old.’ Like, “It’s time to stop. You’re going to the bottom.” So, that’s going to be a fun one. And then, Cleveland’s right after that. And Cleveland’s going to be a big one; Drew’s hometown, of course. And then New York, and how can you not like New York?”

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The price is rightEnjoy the Down TourNew York City will host the event on May 18, New York City on May 18, and Cleveland on April 28. Participants must have proof of COVID-19 vaccine. The televised version, which features Gray as announcer and Drew Carey hosting, airs weekdays at 11 a.m. on CBS. ET. You can also watch episodes Paramount+ is available for viewing.