Georgia Boy of 11 Years Sells Lemonade in the Hope of Repaying Medical Debt after Being Hit by a Car


According to local reports, a Georgia boy is selling lemonade around his neighborhood in the hopes of covering his medical bills. 

Teddy, a young boy from Locust Grove, Georgia, was hit by a car the day after Mother’s Day — less than two years after losing his own mother, according to Theodore Counihan, the boy’s father. 

“The bike was really wedged up under the front of the car, so she hit him really good,” said Counihan.

“It’s been a chain of events for sure, and I’m very happy he’s here with us.”

The father of the 11 year old told him that the accident had prevented him from riding his bike or staying in his house. But the young boy felt he needed to do something to repay the debt.

“We needed to make up an idea to raise money for the hospital bills,”Teddy told Fox 5 Atlanta.

According to a report, Teddy sustained a skull fracture, a fractured tibia, fibula, and road rash. GoFundMe that Counihan has created, also in an effort to raise funds for the child’s medical bills.

The family says that every bit helps, and the GoFundMe has currently raised a little under $6,000 of its $20,000 goal.

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