Georgia Mother Debbie Collier Dies. It’s a Suicide.


Police have concluded the investigation into the death in Georgia of a mother. According to the coroner, it was suicide.

According to Joey Terrell (Habersham County Sheriff), the mysterious death in Georgia of Debbie Collier was ruled suicide. 

This announcement comes after the Habersham county coroner and medical examr determined the cause.

The autopsy revealed Collier’s cause of death as inhalation of superheated gases, thermal injuries, and hydrocodone intoxication,” said the sheriff.

“It’s pretty evident that she started the fire. From what I saw and what I considered to be the case is that this was a self-inflicted death, but I was relying on the results of the autopsy and the doctor at the lab to make the final call,”Habersham County Deputy coroner Ken Franklin said Habersham now.

Collier’s body was found burned and partially naked at the bottom of a ravine one day after she went missing and sent $2,385 to her daughter through Venmo, accompanied by a chilling message. 

The message sent to the daughter was to the following: “they won’t let me go, there is a key to the house underneath a flower pot,”According to police

The autopsy report supports Collier’s daughter, Amanda Bearden’s recent Statement she made on the “Crime on the Record”Podcast about her belief that her mother killed herself. 

“She was dealing with stuff that she didn’t want to burden me with,”Bearden made the comments while on the podcast. 

“The Habersham County Sheriff’s Office would also like to extend our deepest sympathies to Mrs. Collier’s family and friends,”Terrell. “It is our hope and prayer that the findings of this investigation provide some form of closure and allow for the healing process to begin.”

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