Georgia Nurse Finds Dog for Patient at Animal Shelter, Adopts him After Devoted Owner Dies


A Georgia nurse is being hailed for an extraordinary act of love toward a patient she took care of during the woman’s last days alive.   

As Kimberly Still tended to a woman in her final days, she got to know the patient’s family and learned how much the woman loved her faithful companion, Jax the Chihuahua. Jax, who had no place to call home after his owner passed away, ended up in an Atlanta shelter where there was a risk of him being put to death.  

But that would not be possible for Still.  

“The only possession she had in life was this dog, and she loved him so much, and he was with her through so much,” Still told Inside Edition. “So, I was like, well, I have to go get this dog.” 

Jax was still found at the animal shelter and we are determined to find him a loving home.  

She did not know at the time that the house he lived in was hers.  

“The second that they brought him to me at the pound, I was like, ‘I can never get rid of him. he is mine 

forever now,’”She spoke.  

Jax joined Still’s other dog at home, and the pair get along as if they’ve always known each other.  

Even though Still received an award for extraordinary kindness for her final act for kindness towards a patient, it was all hers.  

“It’s been so perfect. “I just believe we were meant for each other,” she stated.


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