Georgia Police Burglarizes Candy Wrappers


According to authorities, the sweet tooth of a criminal led him to his arrest after police found candy wrappers that led to his home.

Eight people were taken into custody in Georgia as part of a ring of thieves that had been targeting cars and homes, FOX 5 reports. reported

FOX 5 reported that investigators found the first suspect from the ring after following a trail made up of Milky way wrappers from the victim to the suspect’s house.

Inside Edition Digital received information from Coweta County Sheriff’s Office stating that Gerald Benett stole items from the victim’s residence along with a bag filled with candy. He enjoyed the walk through the woods.

The sheriff’s office confirmed that all eight suspects and one juvenile were taken into custody. 

According to the sheriff’s Office, a neighboring county discovered a firearm stolen from one victim’s residence and was able tie the Bennett to the ring. 

According to the sheriff’s office, they believe that the thieves lived near the victims and would transport their stolen goods through the woods and hide them beneath the leaves.

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