Geraldo Rivera Allegedly Unlocked In ‘Simmering Feud’Tucker Carlson, Fox News Industry Gossip Says


Are You Geraldo RiveraAnd Tucker CarlsonWhat is it like to stare at one another from Fox News? One tabloid claims the popular pundits were “at war”With each other. Here’s the latest Fox News gossip.

Tucker Carlson fighting with Geraldo Rivera

This week, National Enquirer reports Geraldo Rivera can’t help but take swipes at Fox News’ golden boy, Tucker Carlson. Last year, Rivera memorably deemed Carlson’s documentary about the January 6 riots a “inflammatory and outrageous” project. Rivera took to Twitter to address his colleague. Carlson recently referred Alexandria Ocasio Cortez to Congresswoman as “a.” “rich, entitled white lady.”Rivera corrected Rivera, explaining that Cortez was actually a “proud woman of color.”The fact that Rivera and Carlson are on opposing sides of the Russia-Ukraine crises could make things ugly for the pundits.

What’s Going On At Fox News?

Here’s the thing: It’s no secret that Geraldo Rivera and Tucker Carlson often disagree. Rivera has been vocal about his distaste for many of Carlson’s takes; that’s out there for the whole world to see. Is it a full-blown feud or has it become a rift? Well, that’s not for us to say. Given their public disagreements, it’s entirely reasonable. However, their public disagreements are understandable. “war” hasn’t gone beyond a few targeted tweets and Rivera has frequently pushed back against the idea of Carlson being punished, this whole story seems a bit inflammatory.

This story has been tried before by the Tabloid

However, National Enquirer Fox News dramas are often exaggerated. This is a tradition. Back in November, the outlet reported Carlson’s documentary was “tearing Fox News apart.”Carlson was criticized by his colleagues, and it is true. But beyond the Twitter discussions, it’s clear that Carlson was never in hot water. This story is a bit exaggerated.

A month later, the magazine reported that Rivera had planned to quit Fox News due to Carlson. “Geraldo is more right-wing than left, but he doesn’t want to toe a radical line if he isn’t buying into it,”A source confirmed the claim. But beyond some serious speculation, the tabloid didn’t provide any insights about the pundit’s plans. Rivera is still at the network so it seems that the publication was full.

The outlet also stated that Tucker Carlson had forced his colleagues to leave the network earlier in the year. Sources said Carlson was weeding through the network’s senior anchors, but his main fight was with Sean Hannity. “The real competition at Fox is between Hannity and Carlson,”One tipper pointed out. However, Fox News clearly did not intend to let Hannity go even though Carlson was Fox News’ reigning king. It is evident that the network was determined to keep Hannity on its payroll. Get in touch isn’t the most reliable source when it comes to Fox News drama.

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