German Man Claimed to Have Received 90 COVID-19 Vaccines To Sell Fraudulent Vaccination Cards


According to the German news agency dpa (a German news agency), a 60-year-old German citizen received 90 COVID-19 vaccine shots in order to sell fraudulent vaccine cards.

CBS News, dpa says the man — whose name is not being released due to German privacy rules — allegedly received the various shots at a vaccine center in Saxony for months until he was caught by police this month.

After returning to the vaccination center for another shot, the suspect was arrested. According to the dpa, the authorities confiscated several blank vaccination cards when they arrived. 

According to the agency’s goal, it was to sell cards with real batches numbers. This would prevent people who don’t want to get vaccines being caught with fake cards. 

Dpa reported that the man had not been detained but is being investigated for document forgery and unauthorized vaccination card issuance.

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