Germany rejects Russia’s tweet about war, saying that it is’sadly experts on Nazis’


Germany rejected Russian claims that Vladimir Putin’s invasion in Ukraine was intended to achieve the goal of “fighting Nazism”.

The South African Embassy responded to a tweet sent by its Russian counterpart. It appeared to outline the reasons for Russia’s invasion of its neighbours last year.

It said: “We have received a great number of letters of solidarity from South Africans, both individuals and organizations.

“We are grateful for your support.”

But German diplomats fired back: “Sorry, we cannot keep quiet on this one.

German diplomats said they are "experts in Nazism"
German diplomats claimed they were “experts in Nazism”

“What Russia is doing in Ukraine is slaughtering innocent children, women and men for it’s own gain.

“It is definitely not “fighting Nazism”. Shame on anyone who falls for this. (Unfortunately, we are kinda experts in Nazism.”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24 has been met with widespread international condemnation.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24
On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine

After Putin put Russia’s nuclear deterrent on “high alert” in response to Western sanctions, the threat of nuclear war was also raised.

Russia also stated it “will not forget”Britain’s support to Ukraine is a frightening veiled threat.

Spokesperson Maria Zakharova warned about: “Russia will not forget Britain’s desire to cooperate with ultra-nationalist forces in Ukraine and the supply of British weapons to the Kyiv regime.

Russia's invasion has raised the threat of nuclear war
The threat of nuclear war has been raised by Russia’s invasion

“The sanctions hysteria in which London plays one of the leading, if not the main, roles, leaves us with no choice but to take proportionately tough retaliatory measures.

“London made the final decision to openly confront Russia.”

The Silver Screen Beat reported how World War Three could decimate the entire planet with a “Nuclear winter”.

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The UK would “Stop being alive” if a nuclear war broke out and even the safest places would suffer from the fallout of a “Nuclear winter”.

Professor Andrew Futter of the University of Leicester said that Putin has little to gain from resorting to nukes but warned a bloody civil war may leave him desperate.