Gerwyn Price, Darts’ star, changes his walk-on song for Katy Perry


Gerwyn Price, Darts player, will adopt the words Katy Perry’s as he tries to reach the Premier League playoffs.

On Thursday night, the Welshman will face Peter Wright in Night 10. It promises to be an exciting matchup in Manchester. After suffering a hand fracture, he is determined to make it into the playoffs.

Price often enters the arena to listen to Ice Ice Baby from the early 90s, but Vanilla Ice won’t be receiving any play time this week in Manchester. As Price takes to the stage, Katy Perry’s pop-bop Roar will be booming around the AO Arena.

The Welshman explained that the strange switch came after hearing the song on a family outing. “I was just driving home with the family after we’d been out for a meal in Cardiff and ‘Roar’ came on,”He said.

“We were all singing along to it and I liked the beat of the music, so I thought ‘why not make the change?’ I listened to the lyrics and I think they suit me and my game, hopefully it can give me a good fresh start in the Premier League.”

Wayne Mardle, a three-time darts major finalist, has claimed credit for a social media post. “I mentioned this to him a couple of years ago. It’s fits him perfectly! Good stuff!”He wrote it on Twitter.

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Katy Perry's Roar was a huge pop hit in 2013
In 2013, Katy Perry’s Roar was a big pop hit

Price currently ranks sixth in the Premier League standings and is four points behind James Wade, who currently occupies the final playoff spot. Gary Anderson is the only one to have won more legs in the competition than Price, but the Cardiff native has pledged to end his patch form.

“We’re only half-way through the season and nobody has been stand-out,”He said. “It’s the second half of the season now so it’s time for me to kick on and reach the playoffs, which I’m confident of doing.

“To move up to the top four, it will only take a few night wins. I’m seeing improvement in my form and feel more confident playing. Two weeks remain for my wrist injury. I look forward to fully healing so that I can return to playing every week.