Get these 7 essentials to make National Bubble Bath Day a success


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Welcome to Sophy’s Shoppable Scentsations. This is a name that I just came up with, but it fits what I’m about tell you: There’s an important national holiday we have been missing. It’s also my favorite thing. January 8th is official “Bubble Bath Day,”As a bathtub evangelist, it’s hard to believe that I didn’t know. (Did You know? You didn’t say anything.

It’s true, people, an entire day is dedicated to the art and practice of the bath. It’s relaxing. It is a relaxing, rejuvenating and reviving experience. Do not get me wrong. I shower as if it were a normal person. I go to the bath only when I feel like it. It’s not something I understand. A bath is the ultimate! And it doesn’t have rules!

You have two options: leave your phone in your room with the charger, or place it on a small dish near you. You can either listen to music or just enjoy the silence. Add-ins can be used to foam and fizz your skin, or you can use invigorating salve blends for skin that requires a little more TLC.

It’s the ideal holiday. It doesn’t require gifting, travel or gifting (except perhaps for yourself).It doesn’t require travel, gifting (except for yourself), or taking time off from work. There are no family traditions or complicated customs to be followed. It’s a holiday that celebrates one of the simplest pleasures in life, and I hope everyone takes the time to enjoy it.

Don’t know where to start? Scroll this quick list of bubble bath essentials, add to cart, then close your eyes and bliss out.

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