Ghislaine Maxwell in bid to cut sentence over ‘harsh’ time in jail



The teen sex trafficker and former socialite Maxwell has argued her treatment in jail was so bad she should receive more time of her sentence

Convicted teen sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell is demanding extra time be deducted from her sentence because she does not like the tough conditions in jail.

In a sentencing memo to the judge Maxwell’s lawyers wrote: “The difference between Ms Maxwell’s isolation and typical prison conditions is so pronounced that they differ not only in degree but in nature.

“This distinction demands a different calibration whereby each day spent in isolation… should result in an enhanced time-served credit.”

They also claim a high-ranking prison guard told Maxwell of concerns she would be “shot by sniper”

Prosecutors insist she should get up to 55 years over the “shockingly predatory” crimes she has not accepted responsibility for.

Her sentence will be automatically reduced by 22 months because of time served on remand.

But the former socialite argues she should be caged for just “51 to 63 months” overall because of the harsh conditions at New York’s tough Metropolitan Detention Center.

The 60-year-old will be sentenced on Tuesday after being found guilty of recruiting and grooming young girls to be sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein.

She was convicted in December on five counts of sex trafficking and other crimes for recruiting and grooming teenage girls for the American financier, who committed suicide in jail as he awaited trial.

Over the weekend Maxwell was placed on suicide watch and said to be put in a ‘suicide smock’ after she expressed fears wardens were “threatening her safety”.

Her legal team has argued that if her jail conditions meant she was not able to prepare for the hearing, they would move for an adjournment.

But government lawyers urged Judge Alison Nathan not to delay.

If Maxwell is sentenced to more than three years, she can apply to serve her remaining time in the UK after 36 months in US prison.

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Her victim Virginia Giuffre, 38, is set to address the New York court with an impact statement.

She will say the Brit “used her femininity” to procure her to indulge Epstein and her sick abuse fantasies.

Her statement reads: “Together, you damaged me physically, mentally, sexually and emotionally.

“I never would have met Jeffrey Epstein if not for you.”

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Prince Andrew settled a civil claim for sexual abuse against him by Ms Giuffre for an unconfirmed sum.

He has vehemently denied the allegations and his settlement included no admission of wrongdoing.