Ghost of Geronimo: Boris Johnson is blasted from beyond the grave by the alpaca, according to medium


Geronimo the alpaca has spoken from beyond the grave to blast Boris Johnson’s Government, a medium says.

Richard Geldard, an animal communicator, claims he’s managed to make contact with the spirit of the recently slain alpaca.

The eight-year-old creature’s words have now come back to haunt the PM and environment secretary George Eustice, after he was put down by Government officials in August over TB fears.

Richard, 49, from Ratby, Leicestershire claims the beloved animal. His death should be a reminder of how animals’ rights are being violated.

Relaying Geronimo’s message to Johnson and Eustice, he said: “I’m not seen as a life that matters. I’m just something that can be used to make a point, a small piece on a chess board in a larger game of politics and legislation.

Ghost of Geronimo the alpaca blasts Boris Johnson from beyond the grave, says medium
Boris has been feigned at by the ghost “animals have no rights”Richard said that the answer is “Yes.”

“Your Government refuses to accept we have feelings and emotions, therefore they give us no rights.”

Vets from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) descended on Geronimo’s farm in south Gloucestershire on August 31.

They took him to an unknown location, where he was killed, despite the fact that his tests were flawed.

“Animals have no rights.

“Ultimately I was executed and yet where does the law allow this to happen to humans?

“For humans it’s not simply turn up, take them, traumatise them, isolate them, hurt them and then kill them.

Ghost of Geronimo the alpaca blasts Boris Johnson from beyond the grave, says medium
Geronimo is being saved by more than 130,000 people signing a petition

“But this is what they did to me.

“Humans yet again have much blood on their hands.

“It is not my place to decide someone’s fate and it is no human’s place to decide our fate, it’s as simple as that.

“Humans really are so lost and yet through all of that I still exist with unconditional love to them.”

Richard says Geronimo doesn’t look back in anger, and even forgives the vets who ended his life.

He added: “I have feelings: I hurt, I feel pain but the one thing I do have that humans struggle to ever live by is forgiveness.

“I forgive the vets. I know that fear is normal and I can see why they wanted to end mine.

Ghost of Geronimo the alpaca blasts Boris Johnson from beyond the grave, says medium
In 2017, Geronimo was brought to the UK by Helen Macdonald

“I forgive those that bred me, they were not bad people, they showed care and passion for us, they gave me all I needed and I was happy in my own way.

“It was a life and I chose to live it even though I knew how it would end.”

Court battles ended in agony for Geronimo’s owner Helen Macdonald when Geronimo, who twice tested positive for bovine tuberculosis, was euthanized.

Geronimo’s supporters, dubbed the ‘alpaca angels’He had been camping out in front of his enclosure to protect him, and he questioned officials as they took him away.

Geronimo was brought to England by Ms Macdonald from New Zealand by Ms Macdonald the veterinarian. He was tested positive for TB in August 2017.

Ghost of Geronimo the alpaca blasts Boris Johnson from beyond the grave, says medium
Richard claimed Geronimo forgave the vets who had killed him

She tried to save him from that moment on, but she was ultimately unsuccessful.

Over 130,000 people supported a petition calling for his rescue, including celebrities Joanna Lumley, Chris Packam and others.

Last month, Ms. MacDonald claimed that a post-mortem report of pathology showed Geronimo “did not have Bovine Tuberculosis”.

But Defra disputed it and said that it found “a number of TB-like lesions”During the postmortem.

Richard says he’s a highly respected international animal communicator and medium, who lives with his partner and a “large family of animals”.

He says he’s been able to communicate with living and dead animals since he was a young boy.

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