Gia Sandhu & MaameYaa Bofo: Working alongside Cast of Talented Stars (Exclusive).


The Mysterious Benedict SocietySeason 2 will be on Disney+. Fans will watch as Reynie, Sticky, Kate and Constance – the four gifted orphans who were recruited by the eccentric Mr. Benedict – embark on another mission to save the world from the nefarious plans of his twin brother Dr. L.D. Curtain. When Number Two and Mr. Benedict are kidnapped, the children must unravel the riddles and clues that lead to Curtain’s latest plan. The misfits embark on an adventure across the globe, using only their intellects, wits, and empathy. They will need to use their special skills to find their missing comrades and solve the mysteries. The kids are exposed to the growing pains of being part their new family. “found family,”They are true to their individual selves, while being authentic. They learn what true happiness is all about. interviewed Gia Sandhu (star as Rhonda Kazembe) ahead of the premiere. They talked about their favorite part of filming: the talented youngsters who showcase diversity and how the star is an example positiveness not seen before on TV. Season 2 will be available to stream on Disney+ starting Oct 26.

PC: Congratulations on season 2. What are you guys most excited about for Season 2?

MB: I’m excited for them to see where this adventure takes them – the kids and the adults alike have all grown and just them tapping into what makes them and what they have to offer. It is exciting to see their creativity and development, as well as the challenges they face.

PC: Gia. How is it possible to work alongside such talented young actors?

GS: It is very entertaining. I enjoy seeing their contributions to the set. Mystic and Seth were one of my favourite moments. They had this interaction after they were brought together after a period of time apart, and watching them both kind of navigate the awkwardness and where they stand in their friendship – those are all just such real moments. It’s something that everyone can relate to. As they grow up, it’s so nice to see all of them bring new life to their characters.

PC: I also love the show’s diversity in casting. What importance do you both feel this is for viewers, particularly children, to be able to see who might be watching the show?

MB: It’s 100% important. It’s just a piece of the whole life. This is our universe. It is a diverse world. This show features two women of color who are three-dimensional and kick butt. Trenton’s introduction of these characters is admirable, as well as the writers’ willingness to explore and expand our characters. It is a wonderful thing when children come forward to tell us how much they enjoy the show. This is the essence of this show. This show focuses on how these children have so much talent and are unique and skilled because they are who they truly are. This is how we want viewers to see them as they are. “Exactly who I am is enough,”I’m there for it.

PC: It’s great that the show’s based on orphans, with all their cool talents and characteristics. Also, I think the underlying theme is, like you said, being yourself and building a community around your self, which I think is very fitting for Disney. You also believe that this is why the show resonates so well with its viewers.

GS: Yes, absolutely. Being able to tell your children that you’re perfect and the only thing that makes you different are the things that will help you in your daily life is something that I think is very powerful and powerful. That conformity is not…to be able to conform, as even in the show, as Dr. Carton is selling in terms of everybody should be happy all the time, that that’s not real life, and it’s the things that it’s your individuality that’s ultimately going to be your super strength. It’s an extremely powerful message.

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