Giant Crocodile Attacks 12-Year-Old boy on Vacation in Mexico


A 12-year-old boy suffered severe injuries after he was attacked by a giant Crocodile while on vacation with his family.

Charlie Buhl was with another teen when they went to Club Med, Cancun, Mexico to play on a deck. The 13-foot beast attacked them while they were climbing up the stairs. It grabbed the boy’s leg and pulled him into the water.

“It would just shake me, and I couldn’t do anything. It could do whatever it wanted. It was so strong,” Charlie told Inside Edition.

The hotel staff rushed to his rescue, astonished.

“They were pulling my arm and kicking the crocodile in the eye with their heel and poking its eyes,” Charlie said.

The boy’s mom, Jennifer Buhl, says she was at a restaurant nearby when someone told her Charlie was attacked by a crocodile. She pushed her way through the restaurant to get to her son. 

Charlie was taken to the hospital with severe injuries that doctors believed would result in him losing his leg. Charlie spent four days in hospital recuperating after his limb was saved by surgeons. Jennifer said that Charlie’s medical bills were paid by the resort. 

Charlie and his family have returned to Philadelphia. He has a long journey ahead of him.

“It was like a miracle that I’m still alive. That I still have my leg,” Charlie said.

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