Gigi Hadid Gives Nod to Zayn Malik on Daughter Khai’s Birthday


This is the sweetest family treat.

In celebration of her baby girl KhaiThe second birthday of ‘Simon’ Gigi HadiShe went to her Instagram Stories on Sept. 19 to share a photo of the little one’s special cake featuring adorable edible animals. Carlo’s Bakery created a colorful Peppa Pig character out of fondant.

What was the cherry on top? It was a family affair as Khai tagged Khai and her ex. Zayn Malik in the snapshot.

The former supermodel, 27, is also known as the former One Direction member, 29—who had been together on-and-off since late 2015—welcomed their first child together in September 2020.

While the two ended their relationship in the fall of 2021, the two remain committed co-parents. On Father’s Day 2022, Gigi shared a Rare photo on her Instagram Stories of the daddy-daughter duo. While neither of their faces are shown, Zayn—who the supermodel sweetly calls “Khai’s baba”—is seen sitting on the floor and coloring with the toddler.

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