Gino D’Acampo tells Phillip Schofield he’ll ‘show him the hole’In awkward exchange


This Morning chef Gino D’Acampo never fails to put a smile on viewers’ faces with his unpredictable remarks on the hit ITV daytime show.

The 45-year-old star appeared on Tuesday’s instalment of the show as he prepared to show fans how to make the popular English dish Toad in the Hole.

Before he began cooking up a storm in his kitchen, the father-of-three offered advice to home-bound callers with their particular problems.

The last caller asked the chef for suggestions for activities for hen parties. He recommended butlers in the buff, who can cook a delicious meal and then strip down to virtually nothing.

Popular chef Gino D'Acampo returned to This Morning with his latest recipe for Toad in the Hole
Gino D’Acampo, a popular chef, returned to This Morning to share his latest recipe for Toad in the Hole

The funny story was used as a transition to showing his weekly meal to viewers at home, but the Italian stallion still had questions about the name.

Phillip Schofield was nervously asking: “What are you cooking for us?”

He responded: “I’m going to make sausage in the hole which you guys call … Toad in the Hole,”Before he asked, “What is a toad?”

Phil replied, “Giggling already.” “A toad is an amphibian.”

But the TV chef shared his concerns with the name of the dish which has confused him for a while
The TV chef expressed concern about the dish’s name, which has been confusing him for a while.

After discovering the true origin of the name, the chef suggested changing the title to appeal more to tourists.

He explained: “See, to me this makes no sense. That’s why this dish is not popular in restaurants because think about tourists that comes to the restaurant.

“They’re gonna go on Google Maps and go on Google Translate and they’re gonna go ‘I don’t want an amphibian in a hole’. Nobody is gonna sell it.”

He said: “If you want to sell this dish, you sell it as a sausage in a hole.”

Before he cooked up a storm he recommended the English dish as a suitable meal for hen parties
Before he started cooking up a storm, he suggested the English dish to be a good choice for hen parties

The 59-year old TV presenter felt too analytical and argued: “But it’s not in a hole. If you’re gonna sell the dish accurately, you’re gonna say that is sausage in batter.”

Gino had previously reassured him “No, there is a hole. I will show you the hole later,”The trio burst into giggles on set before they could finish.

And it’s fair to say fans found the awkward exchange hilarious to watch as they shared their thoughts on Gino’s understandable argument on Twitter.

But the cook left viewers in fits of giggles when he reassured Phillip Schofield that he would "show you the hole" on TV
Phillip Schofield was left in fits of laughter when the cook assured him that he would. “show you the hole”Television

One viewer penned: “For that alone Gino wins … he’s gonna show Phillip the ‘hole’ later and then to rip the p**s out of Phillip’s reaction was gold.”

Another fan of the show added: “Never thought I’d say this but they need Gino back for more phone ins like that!!! Hilarious!!!!!!!!”

A third chimed “Gino calling Toad in the Hole ‘SAUSAGE IN THE HOLE’ which he said is the perfect food for a Hen Party. Then telling Phillip he’ll show him the hole later. Had no idea daytime TV was like this,” with three cry laughing emojis.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV

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