“Girlfriend refuses my family’s approval to wear conservative clothes so she’s uninvited”


After her refusal to dress more conservatively for his 87-year old grandmother’s request, a man invited his girlfriend to a family dinner but she declined.

Certain things will always be the same between generations.

This is unfortunately something that one man has to deal with after a recent dispute between his girlfriend for three years and his 87 year-old grandmother.

The man’s family visits his grandmother’s home every month. She hosts a big dinner for all of them. In December, the man and his girlfriend attend.

“When she attended in December, I got word that my grandmother didn’t approve of her choice of clothing and won’t welcome her back if she doesn’t dress better,”He wrote Reddit’s AITA forum.

“My aunt told me that grandma thought she dressed, ‘whorish’. Now I fully disagree and so did my family and my aunt. My girlfriend was admittedly dressed slightly less conservative than the other women but I wouldn’t call what she was wearing immodest at all. I told my girlfriend and asked her if she would dress more conservatively next time.”

The man asked his girlfriend what she was going to wear to the family gathering.

“Again, it wasn’t immodest, but just less conservative and I know it’d p*** my grandmother off again. She said no, as she really liked the dress and it was modest. I told her that what’s modest to her isn’t going to be what’s modest to a 89-year-old woman and if she wanted to buy a dress I’d pay for it, but she refused.”

He continued to argue with his girlfriend and told him that if she refused change her dress, it was better for her to not come this month. They can then find a solution next time.

“She told me I was being unreasonable and putting an old woman’s outdated views over her freedom, but I feel like I was being very reasonable,”Before turning to Reddit to get their views on the matter, the man added.

“If you want a future with somebody, stand up for them instead of just obliging by your family’s opinions. If your grandma is judging her because she doesn’t want to wear a potato sack, that’s on grandma,”Reddit user suggested.

Another disagreed however: “It’s your grandmother’s home and invite and she has one requirement. I get it; her body, her choice but what the younger generation of today needs to get a grip with is you need to pick your God damn battles because fighting a dress war with an elderly grandma who probably won’t be around much longer is ridiculous.

“This hard line will never be understood by your grandmother. She won’t. Your fiance is being childish. You can’t help but be childish and wear a modest dress for a few hours.”

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