Gisele Bündchen Allegedly Forcing Curfew On Tom Brady; He’s Reportedly Struggling With Control Issues Amid NFL Retirement Rumors


Tom BradyHe is returning home. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ season came to an end a few weeks earlier than he would’ve liked, and he’s apparently got some rules waiting for him. Are you? Gisele BündchenKeep him under curfew Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Gisele’s Rules For Tom’

According to StarBundchen is known to wear the pants in their relationship. The supermodel keeps Brady on a very tight leash, and it doesn’t feel good. “Tom’s got curfews and a never-ending list of chores to do around the house,”According to a source. He is unable to spend any time with his sons anymore.

Brady’s admitted to dropping his parental duties. Last April, he said Bündchen “didn’t feel like I was doing my part for the family.” To keep the peace, he’s abiding by her rules from now on. “Tom loves Gisele dearly, but it’s like she’s got him under her thumb,”A source concludes. “The only time he feels in control is when he’s playing football.”

Is Tom Brady under Curfew?

It seems that there are only so many regressive angles tabloids have to attack Tom Brady. Last November Life & StyleThe same owner is also the owner of the. StarBrady announced that he was a “henpecked husband” who had to live by Bündchen’s list of rules. This story is simply a reprint of an article. Gossip Cop already busted.

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady love and respect each other. He cited her repeatedly as an inspiration, as she was there last week as he lost to the LA Rams. Brady said the same thing in April. “She’s the one that at the end of the day makes a lot of sacrifices. She brings out the best version of me.”In order to serve its absurd narrative better, the tabloid conveniently left out his praise.

Let’s assume Brady does literally have a curfew-like a 15 year old: who would know about this? At a maximum, it would be the couple and maybe some of Brady’s extremely close friends. This tabloid would be utterly incoherent if it were published by any of these people. StarIt was just trying to emasculate Brady. So it echoed an old tune. With Brady’s retirement status Still up in the airThese stories will likely continue to surface.

Bad Patterns Emerge

This isn’t the first time the tabloid has mocked Tom Brady. In 2019, it claimed they were living separate lives because Bündchen went to Costa Rica without him. Since they’re still together over two years later, that story clearly had nothing to it.

A few months ago, Gossip CopIt busted another of its similar stories. It announced Bündchen was forcing Brady to ditch Tiger Woods after a bad double date. Woods and Brady are connected through an NFT company, but you couldn’t really call them close friends. Star badly wants to villainize Bündchen, but its stories are false.

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