Gisele Bundchen Allegedly Threatened Tom Brady With $650M Divorce If He Didn’t Retire, Sketchy Source Claims


Did Giselle Bündchen threaten Tom Brady with divorce papers? One tabloid claims the model was so desperate for Brady to retire that she was prepared to leave him over it. Let’s take a look inside Bündchen’s supposed $650 million ultimatum.

Gisele Bündchen ‘Forced’ Tom Brady To Retire?

This week’s edition of OK! reports Tom Brady may have had one of the longest careers in NFL history, but he would have kept playing if it hadn’t been for his wife Gisele Bundchen. According to the report, Bündchen had been on Brady’s case about retiring for years, and she was prepared to leave him over it. “Gisele laid down the terms: It’s me or football,” an insider dishes.

Sources explained that even though Bündchen and Brady’s marriage seemed perfect from the outside, tensions had been building for a while. “Away from all the cameras, they were fighting all the time,” the tipster confides. “She’d been asking him to quit for six years almost daily. Tom would say one thing and then do another. He was so indecisive about leaving… It took years but she wore him down to the point where he finally understood her reasoning.”

And now, Brady and Bündchen are looking towards the future. “Tom just wants his marriage to flourish,” the snitch muses, adding that they’re even considering having another child. “It’s something they’ve discussed. There were a lot of heart-to-hearts going on at home before he made the announcement,” the insider waxes.

Bündchen Gave Brady ‘$650M Divorce Ultimatum’?

We aren’t quite buying this story. While it’s true Brady admitted Bündchen wanted him to retire as far back as 2017, we have no reason to believe their marriage was at stake over it. According to Brady himself, Bündchen has always been his most enthusiastic cheerleader, and she “has done EVERYTHING” to allow him to focus on his career.

And aside from his wife’s influence, Brady’s retirement was a long time coming. He had the longest career of any NFL quarterback, spanning nearly two decades. And at seven wins, he easily had the most Super Bowl rings of any player in the history of the league. Did Bündchen play a part in speeding up his retirement? Probably. But this nonsense about ultimatums has never been substantiated and should be totally disregarded.

The Tabloid On Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen

Furthermore, we have no reason to believe Brady and Bündchen are planning to have another baby, but it isn’t surprising that OK! would pitch this story. Back in 2020, the outlet claimed Brady and Bündchen were trying to have a third child. Then the magazine reported that the couple was in “baby-making mode”. And finally, the publication alleged the couple was going for “one more baby”. Obviously, OK! has a habit of crying “baby no. 3!” for Brady and Bündchen, so it’s hard to trust it when it comes to the famous couple.

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