Gloria Hunniford, 81, says she’s ‘woman enough’ for hubby as she warns off exes


Loose Women panellist Gloria Hunniford, 81, has said that she would deny her husband permission if he asked to meet up with an old partner, calling herself “woman enough” for him.

The Loose Women panellists began by discussing ABBA singer Björn Ulvaeus’ divorce from his wife after 41 years of marriage, mere months after he reunited with his former bandmates including old flame Agnetha Fältskog.

Kaye Adams reassured viewers that there were no suggestions that the ex-partners were getting back together but it did “get them thinking” about the concept of reuniting with exes.

She asked Carol McGiffin if her husband Mark had been invited to any reunions, to which Carol replied that he hadn’t, but if he wanted to meet up with anyone she “wouldn’t mind too much” because she trusts him “100%”.

Gloria Hunniford said that she wouldn't allow her husband to meet an ex
Gloria Hunniford said that she wouldn’t allow her husband to meet an ex

She then admitted that she had “no desire” to be reunited with any of her exes because they were “hot at the time”.

The panellists agreed that it wouldn’t be a good idea as it would be like “looking in the mirror”.

Gloria Hunniford then interjected and said: “Like you, I trust my husband, but I think I’m enough woman for him so I would be saying to him: ‘Why do you need to go there?’ so my answer would be no.”

Kaye questioned the panellists on the topic
Kaye questioned the panellists on the topic

Her co-presenters all gasped at the answer before asking her why she thought that: “I think there’s a little part, if you really love somebody, a bit of jealousy there.

“Some women move in quite quickly, don’t they? If I saw that I’d be a bit jealous, I’m being honest,” she said.

Carol then joked that her husband Mark would “never misbehave” because he would be “too scared of what would happen”.

Gloria said that there is "a little part" that is jealous
Gloria said that there is “a little part” that is jealous

Denise Welch also admitted that she had stayed friends with a few of her partners from her youth, although not close enough to be “in each other’s pockets”, and that if she needed to work with her ex-husband Tim then her husband Lincoln wouldn’t “remotely have a problem”.

The panellists all agreed that “exes are exes for a reason”, before Denise said she “loves Lincoln’s ex-wife Beverly” because they “get on great” and she “doesn’t have a problem with her”.

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV

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