GMB descends into chaos as Kate Garraway ‘breaks’ button causing tech blunder


Good Morning Britain hosts Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard opened up the show with a confession as they warned fans that there may be some technical blunders.

As they started the show together on Friday morning they confessed that Kate made a slight mishap and ultimately broke a button in the vision room.

While Kate and Ben couldn’t help but giggle at the mishap, Ben was forced to warn viewers that it may not be the smoothest running episode with technical blunders likely.

He confirmed that Kate had been in the vision room and accidentally broken a key button which would likely affect their transitions and could perhaps change up their segments.

Ben Shephard exposed Kate Garraway for breaking the buttons
Ben Shephard exposed Kate Garraway for breaking the buttons

As Ben shared Kate’s mishap, she revealed that it’s not the first time she’s had an accident when it comes to important technical equipment.

She told viewers that when she landed her first job on a radio station she once spilled vanilla latte over an entire set of technical equipment, resulting in her boss at the time needed to fork out for a new set.

Luckily, however, Friday’s mishap wasn’t quite on the same level as Charlotte Hawkins came to the rescue.

Appearing on screen, Charlotte showed up with a bottle of cleaning spray as she said: “I will go up to the gallery, I will clear up any traces of what may or may not be spilled.”

It was revealed that Kate messed up the buttons in the vision room
It was revealed that Kate messed up the buttons in the vision room

Kate attempted to urge fans that she was not at fault as she added: “This is becoming fact that this is my fault – but it’s actually not!”

However, Ben did share the true details of what happened backstage as he revealed that Kate had caused the technical blunder, but luckily, the challenge was now solved.

He said: “Charlotte has solved the issue with the vision mixing job – the vanilla late has been cleared up!”

Charlotte Hawkins came to save the day
Charlotte Hawkins came to save the day

The screen switched to a clip of the buttons in the studio as Ben pointed out: “The live button, that’s what Kate leant on with her elbow or her knees, but Charlotte has now fixed it. Thank you Charlotte!”

GMB has since been running smoothly as Charlotte joked that she and her cleaning products are the new “Mrs Hinch”, but she certainly did save the day.

GMB continues weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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