GMB viewers watch in amazement as Marie Osmond (62), shows her beauty and age in rare TV appearances


Marie Osmond, now 62, was interviewed by ITV’s Good Morning Britain about her new album.

The beauty, who is a singer as well as an actress, was happy to appear on the show. She was also chatting with Richard Arnold via video link.

Marie doesn’t often appear on UK TV but she was able to make an appearance on GMB Wednesday morning. She shared information about her brand new album, as well as other important topics like her personal life.

Richard was able to hear her say, “I don’t believe that dirty laundry should be air, but I believe that sharing information can help others.”

Marie looked stunning as she appeared on GMB on Wednesday morning
Marie looked beautiful as she appeared on GMB Wednesday morning

“I was one of the celebrities that went through postpartum depression – and depression is depression. I shared that, I’ve shared various things throughout my life.”

After spending so much time in Las Vegas, the singer confessed that she hopes to visit England to perform.

She said: “I’ve never gone to England that much because of my children, but now that they’re grown up I’d love to come over there and so some shows.”

Fans hope to see her soon. However, those who saw her live on Wednesday morning were stunned by her stunning looks.

Richard welcomed Marie onto the show
Marie was welcomed to the show by Richard

One Twitter user wrote: “Wow, Marie Osmond looks great.”

Another author wrote: “Marie Osmond is stunning.”

Another said: “Wow she’s aged gracefully.”

Another fan also shared their disbelief and wrote: “‘I’m still trying to get over that Marie Osmond is 62 and has 8 kids.”

Fans were in awe over Marie's stunning looks
Marie’s amazing looks were a hit with fans

Before she left the show, she didn’t say goodbye to Richard Arnold before singing Happy Birthday to Richard Arnold. Richard Arnold is 52 today.

Marie is part the Osmond family. This makes her a well-known musician and fan.

Marie hasn’t stopped making music, but she did have a lot of success in the 70s. She released her own music and music with her family.

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