GMB’s Ben Shephard displays a topless photo as he compares himself with Daniel Craig


Ben Shephard, Good Morning Britain host, shared an Instagram video of himself running in the sea during the holiday season.

The presenters of ITV’s Thursday morning show couldn’t resist bringing up a picture of Ben, without his top on, as they shared it with viewers.

Susanna was reminded of the time Ben spent on the job, and he told her that he was “relieved to come out alive”As she laughed about him, “gammy knee”Following an injury sustained over the summer, he was forced to retire.

Ben dismissed the comment and explained that the ocean’s freezing cold temperatures made it easier to run. “biblical”.

A snap of Ben Shephard stripping off was shown on screen
On screen, you can see Ben Shephard in his underwear.

Susanna made a joke about the moment as they shared the photo once again. “For plenty of people it was a very good idea, I mean there you are”However, instead of Ben, a picture showing Daniel Craig appeared on the screen.

Ben was added: “And there I am, the clouds stopped for a moment.”

His gushing “similarities”Susanna, who is famously known for his role as James Bond, added: “I mean frankly you can’t tell the difference between you both.”

Ben chirped “It’s been said before hasn’t it? Ahh so similar.”

A photo of Daniel Craig then appeared on screen as a comparison
As a comparison, a photo of Daniel Craig was shown on the screen.

Although they don’t share the same traits, the fans enjoyed watching the jokes between the two after Susanna took her break for weeks.

The co-presenters were last together on a show before Christmas. Ben gave a glimpse into their holiday and revealed that they enjoyed it.

Ben shared the video of him sprinting to the sea and wrote about it Wednesday night. “Back to work tomorrow, was reminiscing about Christmas and I realised I didn’t post this!

“While I’m not sure what yours looked like, mine was quite soggy. This was before we even went swimming.” To be fair we couldn’t get any wetter by the time we got to the sea.”

Ben Shephard compared himself to Daniel Craig on GMB
Ben compared himself to Daniel Craig in GMB

Fans laughed over the clip and shared their excitement at his return.

One user wrote: “Missed you on GMB looking forward to seeing you in the morning.”

A second: “You’re crazy Ben! Looking forward to seeing you on GMB.”

Ben is now back on GMB, and will continue to be on-screen on Tipping Point in the afternoons.

GMB continues weekdays at 6am on ITV

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