Go Inside Kim Kardashian’s “Calming” Home With Artwork By North West


And what’s more—those special books also come with a handwritten message from Mom. “Then I write these long letters. I write a letter to each of one of my kids on their birthday,” Kim said. “It’ll just be so fun when they’re older.”  

Who inspired Kim to keep such great records for her kids? Well, none other than her own mom, Kris Jenner, who used to do the same thing for her and her sisters when they were growing up. 

As she sat right next to a trunk overflowing with childhood memories, Kim revealed that her mom kept everything from “every single birthday until I’m 10 years old.” 

That includes birthday cards from great grandparents, shoes, a stuffed rabbit that Kris knit herself and Kim’s “favorite” childhood Minnie Mouse costume.

“I wore this when I was four years old and I was obsessed with Minnie Mouse,” Kim shared. “The pictures of me and my mom dressed like Minnie Mouse are so incredibly cute. I still have them.”  

But all the action isn’t just on the inside, of course. Taking a trip outside into her lavish backyard, Kim showed the meadow behind her home, her sleek basketball court and three of her most prized, all-gray cars: a Lamborghini Urus, a Rolls Royce and a Maybach Sedan. 

“I’ve always been a car girl,” Kim explained. “I love cars.”  

However, there was one in particular that holds a special place in her heart. Gesturing to her Maybach, she said, “If I were to pick one, that’s my baby, right there.” 

Watch the tour for yourself above!

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