Gogglebox enthusiasts demand Mary Killen to take the axe after Boris comments


Fuming Gogglebox viewers demanded Mary Killen be fired from the show following her comments on Boris Johnson’s latest episode.

Online controversy rose after an unaired clip showed her and Giles Wood in front Susanna Reid’s interview with Prime Minister David Cameron.

Susanna asked Johnson about the cost of living. The Breakfast TV host brought up the example of a pensioner, who had reduced their daily food intake to one meal per day in order to save money and then took the bus to stay warm.

Elsie, 77, had seen her gas and electric bills had risen from £17 to £85 a month.

Gogglebox fans have asked for Mary Killen to be axed from the show after she defended Boris Johnson
After she defended Boris Johnson, Gogglebox fans demanded that Mary Killen be removed from the show.

Mary was seen saying the following: “I am very sorry for Elsie but Susanna is making out it is Boris’ fault and like he doesn’t care.”

Giles, bewildered, asked her: “Whose fault is it?,”Mary answered: “Well it is the global situation.”

However, the comments angered many Gogglebox subscribers. One wrote: “Get rid of Mary.”

Another post is available: “Can someone remind Mary that Boris Johnson runs this country and it absolutely IS his problem and his fault that an elderly women is riding a bus to keep warm bcos her heating bill has risen more than 4x!”

She had been watching Susanna Reid's interview with the Prime Minister on Good Morning Britain
She was watching Susanna Reid’s interview on Good Morning Britain with the Prime Minister.

One person said that it had permanently changed their opinion of the couple, and another wrote: “Don’t know why I’m surprised Mary and Giles are Tories but now I know for sure, I can’t find them funny in the same way anymore, bye.”

However, others praised the Channel 4 program for presenting a wide range of political views.

One person said: “I agree with Twitter that Mary is out of touch and I certainly don’t agree with her. But the beauty of Gogglebox is diversity and able to express opinion, even if it is different from your own. She and Giles can’t be axed because you disagree with them.”

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