Gogglebox Georgia and Abbie’s off-screen lives, jobs, and Mariah Carey connection


Georgia and Abbie, a Gogglebox couple who have been appearing on the series since 2018, were well-known for their bizarre remarks. But what are they doing away with the cameras?

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Gogglebox viewers in shock as Abbie reveals she’s never heard of Israel

Abbie Lynn, Georgia Bell and others have become Gogglebox standouts.

The Durham-based northern lasses first appeared on our screens in 2018, and have been leaving us in fits with laughter since then.

But what about their lives when they aren’t in front of the camera?

Georgia turned 21 years old in January 2018. According to her Instagram bio, she is a hairdresser. It’s not known what job Abi has at twenty-years-old.

Georgia’s boyfriend Josh is the only person we haven’t seen onscreen, but Vinnie, her cute Staffordshire bull terrier, has been featured on Channel 4’s “The View from Georgia”.

They don’t just share time together while filming Gogglebox; they also upload photos of their best friends at night out or relaxing at home.

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The ‘besties love going out to party with each other, and some of their outfits are very glamorous.

They were happy to be reunited last August. “five very long months”Lockdown – Separation

Georgia expressed her love for Abbie at the beginning of April by sending a sweet message to wish her a happy Birthday.

She also wrote: “HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY ABS!Red heartI hope you can have the most wonderful day.

“We are grateful for your friendship, which is always kind, funny and thoughtful.

“Your second lockdown birthday so that means quadruple the celebrationsPartying faceLove you forever!Woman, blond hairedWoman, red hairedLots of love Ge x”

We have been amazed at some of their outbursts over the years.

They became viral after watching the 2018 John Lewis Christmas advertisement.

Georgia stated: “I know this is Ellie Goulding who sang this but God knows whose it was first.”

Abbie revealed earlier this year that she had never heard about Israel, even though it was included on the UK’s green travel list.

“Where’s Israel? I’ve never heard of Israel,”Abbie exclaimed, before asking her friend if they knew the country’s name.

“You’ve got to be taking the p***,”Georgia responded, before admitting that she didn’t know. “Israel? It’s something to do with Jesus.”

Abbie lost it while watching ITV’s crime drama Des. She was confused and believed that actor David Tennant is a real-life serial killer.

Abbie asked her friend, “Is David’s acting talent a testament to his acting ability?” “So the Doctor Who man is a murderer in real life?”

Georgia tried to convince Abbie that the former Time Lord was acting just as Georgia said, but Abbie wouldn’t understand.

They also showed they didn’t know how to distinguish between Spanish and French cooking by watching Michel Roux’s new cooking program.

Fans of Gogglebox were puzzled by the fact that Georgia and Abbie believed Paella was French.

However, their greatest moment must have been when Mariah carey, the pop superstar, gave them praise last year.

Abbie said the following while Abbie watched Mariah’s Magical Christmas Special: “2020 has been saved by Mariah Carey.”

Georgia has been added “And that’s all it took.”

Then, Mariah tweeted the clip with three hilarious emojis. “Love this!!”

Mariah was thrilled to hear that Abbie and Georgia were happy, too. “Aw wow! [star eye emojis] we absolutely loved the show![heart emoji] We hope you have an amazing Christmas @MariahCarey”.

*Gogglebox airs tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm

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