Gogglebox’s star Lee updates Jenny on her health


Fans of Gogglebox, the hit TV show, were puzzled why Jenny Newby did not appear at the BAFTAs with her castmates on Sunday night (May 8).

Lee Riley, Jenny’s star, posted on Instagram to confirm that Jenny was admitted for an operation.

Gogglebox received a gong at this year’s awards for Best Constructed Reality, with other contestants appearing on stage to receive their honor.

Fans were confused and concern when they discovered that the 66 year-old was no longer in the line-up.

Lee posted an update to Instagram to answer questions from fans wondering about Jenny and whether she was in serious health.

Lee explained Jenny had been waiting for the operation for two years
Lee explained that Jenny had been waiting two years for the operation.

The reality star uploaded a clip and captioned it with: “Thank you (prayer hands emoji) thank you for caring much love to you all (love heart emoji) xx”

He said the following while speaking to the camera: “Hi everybody, just a quick update on Jenny.

“Yes, she had an operation. However, it’s been on her waiting list for 2 years. Then it arrived BAFTA Week. So I was absolutely devastated she couldn’t be there with me last night. And she was.

“She’s doing well, and she’ll be out this week.”

The reality star thanked fans for their support and well wishes
The reality star thanked his fans for their support.

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He continued: “And I’ve told her about all the well-wishers she’s been having, and she wanted to say ‘thank you’ and so do I, I want to say thank you for caring.”

Silver Screen Beat had received a report from Lee that Jenny was in hospital. Lee did not give further details.

He stated: “Jenny was supposed to be here, but she’s had to have a minor operation. It came this week and she couldn’t turn it down.

“She’s actually still in hospital so she’ll be watching from there from her hospital bed.”

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