Good Samaritan Rescues Dog with Mouth Wired Shut


Named after a severely abused dog “Cutie” who somehow escaped her home and wandered into someone else’s yard had her mouth wired shut when she was found by a good Samaritan on Wednesday, according to a published report.

“Her mouth had been wired shut causing deep lacerations while exposing her bone and tissue. We’ve stepped in to provide an emergency foster home and medical care for this severe case of abuse,” the Kansas Humane Society posted on their Facebook on Thursday.

The post continued: “It is heartbreaking to witness abuse like this.”

Chollett Bucl, who has fostered more than a hundred animals for the Kansas Humane Society, was called by the non-profit agency because she needed 24-hour care to heal before they are able to operate on her.

“We’ve had some pretty serious things with dogs but nothing like this before,” Bucl told KAKE News. “I am afraid my nose could fall off. But I don’t know if that’s a possibility.”

Ericka Goering (marketing director, Kansas Humane Society) urged anyone with knowledge of animal abuse to call Animal Control. 

Bucl said Cutie was in good spirits and is calling for justice.

“We have cruelty laws that are punishable. So I’m hoping that something is done. I’m hoping the people, if they’re found, they’re prosecuted,”Bucl.

To help cover Cutie’s medical expenses, the Kansas Humane Society is asking for donations that can be made through their website at And, if someone suspects animal abuse, they are encouraged to contact animal control. Wichita: 316-350-3360


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