Google Earth user claims to have discovered an “ancient alien UFO”


Google Earth user says he has found convincing evidence that a UFO is hidden in Alergia’s desert. He also posted a video of a mysterious star-shaped land formation.

The clip features a conspiracy theorist Scott C WaringExplains what he believes “alien” object is at the coordinates 29°14’25.N, 7°02’11.”W.

Showing the five-pointed star landform on his computer screen, he says: “An ancient object that looked like a UFO, with five pointed eyes, was found at the Algerian border.

It looks so, really ancient. Is it unbelievable or not?

Scott continues by showing a color version of the screenshot. “When I sharpened it and enhanced it you could see that it’s a five-pointed and there are dark areas over here and a big hump over it.

Scott C Waring suggests this is an 'ancient UFO' buried in the sand
Scott C Waring believes this to be an “ancient UFO” buried in the sand

“It does look like an ancient spaceship that has landed and been buried over the millennia.”

Google Earth indicates the object as “H 666″It could also be a hill. According to Oum El Assel, it is a park in Oum El Assel which is a small, sparsely populated city in the province Tindouf.

Scott posted the video on Scott’s. UFO Sightings Daily YouTubeThe channel impressed others truth-seekers, who shared their insights on the strange finding.

One person commented: “Is it metallic and buried deep in the desert sand, I want to go to it and explore inside to see if there are any Extraterrestrial Aliens!”

An artist's portrayal of an 'alien'
A painting of an alien by an artist

“It almost looks like it’s moss growing around it as if it’s organic or biomechanical,”A second viewer was suggested.

Someone else wrote: “Scott… If u look closely there are a couple of tunnels going into the hill. Could be living underground?”

A fourth comment: “That looks like a volcano and the spreading of the ashes gives it its shape.”

Scott replied: “Aliens had to use common local material to create this sign for us to find.”

Are you familiar with the coordinates of H 666? Let us know your thoughts about H 666 in the comments section.

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