Google Maps has no limbs’mans’ wearing hazmat suits


Google Maps users have seen bizarre images of a man without limbs and wearing a hazmat suit.

Users have been gifted with hundreds of weird sightings and the latest one is a real head scratcher – or it would be if the person spotted had a head.

If you take a trip down to the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York City, you’ll find a strange sighting of a hazardous materials full body suit standing in the middle of a road – with no body inside.

You can also see the bodiless suit having fun dancing and performing tricks as you walk down the street.

Although there are no clues as to the cause or who it is, one image shows the suit leaning against a tree nearby.

It was spotted having a fun time all the way down the street
It was having a great time down the street

And to make it even weirder, at the end of the road when the suit disappears, a seagull ends up taking its place right in front of the Google Street car for a good few hundred yards – although for some reason, as the camera gets closer to the Navy-run area, the seagull ends up being pixelated, presumably to protect its privacy.

Reddit has a thread about the sighting. One comment refers to Hollow Man as the Covid edition.

It’s not known anything about the suspect or how it happened.

The strange occurrence happened in a well-guarded secure area, too
The unusual occurrence occurred in a secure and well-guarded location.

You will also see a black van that is very dark and soberingly parked at random on the roadside.

These images were captured in May 2021 but they have only been seen now.
It’s unlikely we’ll ever find out the purpose – or possibly the mission – of the limbless, headless, Covid suited figure, or how it ended up there.

Google Maps users claimed last week that they had seen strange reflective lights in Google’s satellite view and spotted the Star Destroyer.

The Star Destroyer was a wedge-shaped starship that featured in four Star Wars movies including Return of the Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back.

It was spotted leaning against a tree, despite having no limbs or feet
It was found leaning against a tree despite it not having any feet or limbs.

“The hell is this?”Reddit user Google Maps wrote a comment on Reddit with a picture that many users believed resembled the famous ship.

Some people speculate that the bright light was caused by reflective material on the roof of buildings. Others let their imaginations run wilder than that.

“Sir, thats the back of a Star Destroyer,”One person may have said it, but another responds: “For sure not a moon so it must be a Star Destroyer.”

He was nicknamed the Covid edition of Hollow Man
He was nicknamed “The Covid edition of Hollow Man”.

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According to one user, it appears that the image is located in England, specifically Southend on Sea and Essex.

Star Destroyer was an octagonal, dagger-shaped capital ship. It was used by the Galactic Republic (the Galactic Empire), the First Order and the Sith Eternal in the well-known movie franchise.

The Imperial-class Star Destroyer, as well as its predecessor, the Venator-class Star Destroyer are notable examples of Star Destroyers.