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The searches for this men’s fragrance, specifically in the on-the-go travel size have been trending. It is an earthy, woody scent  with notes of mint leaves, orange blossom, and vanilla madagascar. Sephora describes the cologne as “a fragrance for a strong, passionate man, who is master of himself.”

However, a lot of the Sephora reviews are from women praising the scent, with one writing, “This is absolutely made for a women 2 …received as a gift from my rewards and waalaa smells amazing especially for fall I am planning to make this my go to on a daily!” Another shared, “Tried a sample not knowing it was a men’s fragrance. Loved it!”

Another gushed, “Let me just say this- anyone who smells you with this fragrance is on, isn’t going to give two sh*ts if it’s for men or women because they are going to want you no matter who they are or who you are, it’s that good. Labels?! No thanks! Maybe you are gonna live forever but I’m not so Im going to bathe in this and enjoy my life.”

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