Gossip: Jennifer Aniston was allegedly’secretly hooking up’ with Brad Pitt last year, Gossip Said


Did Jennifer Aniston Brad PittWhat will 2021 look like? Twelve months ago We I was intrigued by a story about ex-lovers secretly hooking up. Let’s look back on that story with the benefit of hindsight to see what actually went down.

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Weekend Hookups’

According to StarAniston and Pitt were quietly chatting on weekends. The two began talking again at a charity dinner. Ridgemont High: Fast Times, an insider said, and friends of Aniston approved. “Brad has changed a lot since their five-year marriage ended amid cheating rumors in 2005,”The source was explained. Angelina Jolie “had brainwashed him,”Another insider stated that he was happier now. They were both free to meet other people and the romance was only casual.

All the details of this story were too detailed to believe, particularly because of the people involved. Even by tabloid standards, Pitt & Aniston are closely scrutinized. There’s no way he could visit her home without a million cameras flashing. Aniston’s closest friend would not talk to this bizarre outlet and there was no reliable evidence.

What are they doing now?

It’s safe to say that this has never happened. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston exist outside of each other’s orbits. The two have not had a romantic relationship since 2005. Aniston is well-known for being single. Pitt is busy suing Angelina Jolieover the sale a vineyard.

Pitt’s romantic life is just as rife with gossip as it used to be, as actress Alia Shawkat found out. Tabloid gossip ran rampant when she and Pitt met in 2020. Shawkat offered some insight into Pitt’s view of the press. “He had no awareness of [the rumors] at all. Which is so funny. Because he doesn’t read that sh*t.” At least he doesn’t have to read the drivel written about him.

Rumors Still Run Wild

Even though Pitt was not seen publicly with Aniston in 2021, there are still rumors every week about a romantic reunification. Woman’s DayBrad Pitt claimed to have flown to Hawaii to shock Aniston. He didn’t do that, so the story is false.

As for Star, it’s always churning out cockamamy stories about the Thelma & Louise star. It’s reported that Courteney Cox was trying to set them back up, as well as claiming that Leonardo DiCaprio was playing cupid for Pitt, but everyone involved has better things to do. It was announced that Pitt was having a baby with Nicole Poturalski, a model. They had a brief affair, but never became lovers.

The last bogus story about Pitt & Aniston reconciling is likely to arrive right before the heat dies of the universe. Lazy outlets are destined to publish this shlock forever even though there’s nothing truthful behind it.

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