Gossip: Matt Damon’s Best Man Was Not Made by Ben Affleck, According to Gossip


Has Ben AffleckRebuked Matt Damon? According to one report, Affleck may have chosen another man to be his best man at his wedding. Jennifer Lopez. Here’s what we know.

‘Matt Doesn’t Make Cut As Best Man’

According to the National EnquirerAffleck is finishing up his wedding details, and had to make difficult decisions. He’s apparently elected not to have Damon as his best man. Sources say Damon was invited to the event as a guest but not as an honorary guest. “Ben’s brother, Casey, will serve as best man,”A source claims that this is what the source said. Lopez and Affleck’s children will all reportedly have roles in the wedding as well.

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Affleck and Lopez have no interest in capitalizing on the wedding, the insider says, so they’re trying to have as much privacy as possible. “The staff will all have to sign an ironclad confidentiality agreement… and the actual venue of the wedding will not be revealed to guests, including Matt Damon, until just a few days before the event.”

It is rumored that the wedding will not feature any famous faces. According to the snitch, “Matt has known Ben since they were teenagers. That’s the only reason he’s being invited. But the guest list is not designed to be a who’s who of Hollywood.”

Does Matt Damon Mind?

This story asks the question: Why should anyone care? It’s like half of a story. Damon doesn’t mind not being the best, so why should it matter? It’s pretty normal to choose a sibling as maid of honor or best man, so this is a non-issue.

There’s no reason we should trust the InquireYou can find it here. Lopez and Affleck deliberately They keep their mouths shutTo keep the attention of the press to a minimum. It is obvious that the story was true, so why should anyone trust these so-called sources.

Damon and Affleck were married previously, so we don’t know who was at their nuptials. If it’s hard to know what actually happened, how can anyone begin to predict the future? We doubt we’ll know a detail as intimate as this anyway, so this story should just be ignored.

Many Bad Ben Affleck Takes

A few weeks back, this outlet reported that Lopez and Affleck were in the midst of a breakup due to stress from mansion shopping. This is because it is completely false. Lopez had a baby in April. However, not one word has been said about it since. These Affleck insiders know very little.

Ben is very close to Damon and Casey. Either would be a fine choice to be the best man, but it’s pretty hard to believe the InquireThis is a great way to get a scoop when all the details of your wedding are missing.