Gossip says Jennifer Aniston reportedly tries to reconnect with a controversial ex.


It is Jennifer AnistonAre you trying to reunite with one of her famous ex-boyfriends? One tabloid reports that the Friends Actress is considering giving her ex-boyfriend another chance. Let’s check in on Aniston’s love life.

Jennifer Aniston ‘Eyeing’What is the Famous Ex-Boyfriend of a Boyfriend?

A recent edition Woman’s Day According to reports, Jennifer Aniston is looking for a new partner and has her sights set on someone familiar. According to the report Aniston may be thinking about rekindling relationships with John Mayer. Their 2009 romance was ruined by their age differences. However, sources suggest that things will improve this time around because the former couple has been reuniting. Apparently, they’ve even started going out to dinner together.

And sources say Mayer has a new appreciation for Aniston’s love of all-things-healthy. “John’s leading an ultra-healthy lifestyle right now and he’s crediting the tips Jen’s been giving him for being part of that,”An insider tells you. But that isn’t the only reason Mayer has his sights back on Aniston. “[He] really wants to revisit that hot chemistry they had!”The insider’s conclusion.

Aniston going on dinner dates with John Mayer

Of course, this story doesn’t have a shred of truth to it. While Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer don’t seem to hold any ill will towards one another at this point, it’s clear that the ship has sailed on their romance. It doesn’t look like the former couple ever even crosses paths these days, and we doubt Aniston plans on retracing her steps when she does get back into the dating world.

Furthermore, we’re pretty certain Aniston and Mayer aren’t going out for dinner dates as the tabloid claims. We’d have known or seen something if it had been ongoing for months. But we’re especially sure they haven’t seen each other any time recently since Mayer is currently touring the States and Aniston is busy filming Murder Mystery 2Hawaii

The Tabloid On Jennifer Aniston

Most important is Woman’s Day past reporting on Aniston’s love life. The magazine reported last year that Aniston was experimenting with romance with David Schwimmer. The outlet then reported that Aniston was secretly dating Mayer again. And finally, the publication alleged Brad Pitt flew to Hawaii to spend Aniston’s birthday with her. While we all want to know what the future holds for Aniston’s love life, it’s clear we won’t get any meaningful updates from Woman’s Day.

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