Gossip Says Queen Elizabeth Supposedly Humiliated By Prince Charles’ Scandal And Royal Family’s Grifting


Is it? Queen ElizabethAre you ashamed of your family? One tabloid claims the monarch is embarrassed to be associated with her relatives’ recent activities. Let’s take a look at the shocking report.

‘Royal Grifters Humiliate The Queen’?

This week, Globe‘s “Straight Talk”This section is about the British royal family. According to the opinion column of Queen Elizabeth, it is a hard task for her to keep a sense class and dignity as she approaches the end of her reign. This is largely due to her sons Prince Charles, and Prince Andrew.

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Many readers will recall that Prince Andrew was under investigation for his connection with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender. He even settled a civil lawsuit accusing him of sexually abusing a 16 year-old girl. But that isn’t the only blight the prince has cast on the royal family. More recently, the Duke of York has been struggling to sell his Swiss ski chalet since he’s about $2 million in the hole with multiple lenders. Andrew was also accused of extorting $6 million from the former owner of the chalet.

But Andrew isn’t the only one with money troubles. Prince Charles is still being investigated for allegedly taking bribes in return for royal honors. Informants claimed that the future king accepted cash in bags from a Qatari politician. After Charles was accused of receiving $2.4 million from a Saudi billionaire for British citizenship and a knighthood, this is the latest accusation. According to the article, Queen Elizabeth “faces her final days in humiliation” because of her family’s greed.

What’s Going On With The Royal Family?

Any family can seem rotten if you don’t give enough context. Although Charles and Andrew have been under investigation for shady behavior they have not been charged. Whether you believe the sincerity of those investigations or not, Queen Elizabeth is—at least officially—not a mother of criminals.

Many members of the royal family have also been an agent of positive change. Prince Edward and Princess Anne are still highly regarded. Furthermore, Prince William and Kate Middleton have won the British public’s hearts and are paving the way for an honorable and modern monarchy. While it’s easy for a tabloid to focus on the bad, we’re sure Queen Elizabeth is still proud of what her family has accomplished under her guidance.

This article is merely an opinion piece. One person may believe Queen Elizabeth is ready to roll over in shame, but that doesn’t make it true. The queen, despite all her past difficulties, is still a force to be reckoned with. A strong, united frontWith Prince Charles, her successor.

The Tabloid has more Queen Elizabeth gossip

The answer is obvious. Globe is the last place we’d go for genuine updates on the queen. Earlier this year, the magazine accused her majesty of hiding Prince Philip’s will. The outlet then reported that Queen Elizabeth was riding a mobility scooter around palace grounds. In a more recent report, the outlet praised the queen for her performance in outfoxing Prince Harry & Meghan Markle. So, we take the Globe‘s reporting on Queen Elizabeth with a grain of salt.

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