Gossip Site Claims Queen Elizbeth Is Dead


People around the world were shocked when the gossip site Hollywood Unlocked announced that Queen Elizabeth had passed away last night. The site claims that palace insiders notified them that the queen has died, but their lack of proof means this story is almost certainly bogus. 

Is The Queen Dead?

Hollywood Unlocked released their story on Tuesday, just days after Buckingham Palace announced that the queen had tested positive for COVID-19. They said she was only experiencing “mild cold-like symptoms,” but would still cut back on her work that week. It’s just the latest in a tough 12 months for the queen.

HU’s announcement had people all over the world wondering if the queen had actually passed away, but as the hours passed and no other news outlets picked up the story, it was clear there wasn’t any truth to their claims. 

There is a strict protocol in place for when Queen Elizabeth dies that goes into effect immediately. “Operation London Bridge” dictates everything about the royal death, and that would definitely include the official announcement. The post has been up for around 12 hours, which is way too long for the palace to keep this hidden. 

Buckingham Palace hasn’t made any statement regarding the claims, and it seems as if they will be carrying on as normal. Take Prince William and Kate Middleton: the royal couple’s official Instagram posted photos of Middleton visiting Denmark this morning. If the head of the British monarchy had suddenly passed away, the other royals wouldn’t be promoting their official engagements. 

Website Founder Doubles Down On Claims

Even though the claim is looking faker by the hour, the site’s founder and CEO Jason Lee is refusing to back down. Lee tweeted, “We don’t post lies and I always stand by my sources. Waiting for an official statement from the palace.” He also posted on Instagram, saying, “1. I’ve never lied, 2. I’ve never been wrong, 3. I trust my sources.” 

While it’s clear Queen Elizabeth isn’t dead, other outlets are reporting that she is in extremely poor health. According to RadarOnline, the royal family is “making final plans” regarding the queen’s death. “They desperately don’t want her to end like this,” the source continued. 

Again, these claims are dubious. We know Queen Elizabeth is sick, but the details being reported about her health and the royal family’s plans seem vague. Buckingham Palace has made no official statements, beyond referring to her COVID symptoms as “mild.” 

This Isn’t The First Time People Have Speculated About The Queen’s Death

This is far from the first time people have speculated about the queen’s death. Gossip Cop has reported on all these rumors, from the National Enquirer’s claims that William and Prince Charles were fighting over the throne as the queen’s health failed, to Queen Elizabeth stripping Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of their royal titles before she dies. 

There is no truth to any of these rumors. In addition to being a public figure, Queen Elizabeth is also a head of state. Her death would not be shrouded in secrecy; the palace has Operation London Bridge for this exact reason. Until Buckingham Palace makes an official statement, you can rest assured the queen is still alive. 

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