Goth lags complain that they aren’t allowed to wear dark lipstick in prison, and claim they ‘have a right’ to be themselves.


Grifting goth prisoner are attempting to access their black clobber and spooky make up in jail.

The Marilyn Manson-style inmates are huffing they don’t have the option to buy nail varnish, lipstick, knee-high boots and flowing black tops inside – despite claiming they get beatings for the way they look.

One con at category B men’s nick HMP Altcourse, Liverpool, said of being stripped of their identity behind bars: “I am a Goth and being a Goth is hard enough due to insults and physical attacks just because we look and dress differently.

“I think prisons should do more for Goths, like support groups for us.

“There is no support let alone anything offered for us in prison. We shouldn’t have to change how we are just because prisons won’t allow us to dress in certain clothes, have lipstick, nail varnish and other stuff, we should have a right to be who we are.

black lipstick
Goth inmates would like to purchase black lipstick inside.

“I have brought this up with staff and they don’t even care.”

The lag submitted his whinge in a letter to prisoners’ newspaper Inside Time.

He also attempted to pull at the heartstrings by claiming that he tried to set up a charity within to raise money for the foundation in memory of Sophie Lancaster.

Sophie, a self-described goth, died in 2007 after Robert Maltby, her boyfriend, was battered while they walked through Bacup, a small town in Lancashire.

black leather boots
While in prison, inmates feel stripped from their identities

The prisoner stated: “I even asked if I could do anything to raise money for the charity the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, but they still don’t care.

“So, I would like to come out publicly in the hope that other people feel the same about this and, hopefully, prisons may do something about the matter.”

Transgender prisoners are thought to have access to women’s clothes and beauty products when they are held in male jails.

In the UK’s female lock-ups, inmates have been able to buy make-up from an Avon catalogue circulated once a month.

HMP Altcourse, Liverpool
Liverpool: Trans lags claim that HMP Altcourse inmates have access to beauty products

It’s reserved for “enhanced prisoners”Those who are more likely to be rewarded for good behavior.

This restriction has forced prisoners to make DIY facemasks out of vinegar and oatmeal instead of toner.

Lags also use watercolour paints to create eyeshadow and eyeliner and use haemorrhoid lotion as anti-wrinkle.

The Prisons & Probation Ombudsman, Ministry of Justice and HMP Altcourse have been contacted for comment by the Silver Screen Beat about the goth complaints and for confirmation on UK prison policies on make-up and clothing access for male inmates.

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