Grace Jones’s Creative Way of Moving Her Career Forward


Grace Jones is a model, singer, and actress best known for her beautiful androgynous looks. Although her gender-bending modeling career was at its height in the ’70s and ’80s, she continues to be a household name through her signature music and acting career. Jones will soon be visiting you in a new manner.

‘Grace’It’s certain to burn bright

This icon is trying out a new venture that smells great. Jones created a limited-edition, genderless candle in collaboration with Boy Smells. The Recently, a celebrity spoke with VogueSharing how her new career is inspired by Jamaica and her roots, she said. 

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The new candle is simply called “Grace,”After a severe thunderstorm, you will be taken to the country. You will find spices in the candle, including black pepper, that are reminiscent of the flowers of Turkish rose, waterlily, and freesia. Jones describes how the candle reminds Jones of Jamaica. “maybe it hasn’t rained in a couple of days, and then a big shower just comes down, and everything mixes with that smell. It could be the food that’s being cooked around you, or it could be the flowers or the plants. And when it hits the Earth, it all kind of rises up into an amazing smell that you just go, ‘oh’.”

Jones set her sights on the perfect Jamaican rainstorm scent for the candle. She tried many scents, and ultimately chose the one that reminded her most of home. She shares the details of how she lit the candles in her home, reflecting on the many aroma tests she conducted to find the perfect scent. “I would go back into the rooms, put the candles out, wait a little while, and walk back into the room,”Jones speaks out about the process. “The one that grabbed me is the one we went with.”

More than a spark of home

In collaborating with Boy Smells, the team was inspired by more than just Jones’ birthplace. The new candle also has hints of the model’s favorite fragrance. “Musk was really at the heart of all the vintage fragrances that she loved,”Matthew Herman, cofounder of Boy Smells, admits it. 

Her new candle will surely make the iconic 74-year-old woman shine brightly. Although she’s already a household name, fans everywhere will be delighted to bring a piece of the fashionista’s home into their own.

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