Grateful Grandma Seeks Mystery Man After He Saved Her From Flipping Car


A Pennsylvania woman will get to spend the holidays with her seven grandchildren thanks to a mystery man who saved her life after she crashed her car.

Carla Long told Inside Edition’s Les Trent that she was headed to Chester County for a doctor’s visit when she lost control after crossing a slippery spot.

She soon found herself trapped in her overturned car, and as motorists kept driving by the crash she says that she began to fear the worst.

“I was crying. I was bawling my eyes out, because I’m like, ‘I’m gonna die here,'”Carla recalls.

Just when she thought that all hope was lost, a hero stepped in to save the day.

The man checked on Carla by walking over to her car and calling 911 to alert emergency responders to where the crash was taking place.

Moments later, however, things took a different turn when another car plowed into Carla’s vehicle in the same spot. 

“I heard something coming toward us, the man jumped completely out of the way, and another truck rolled right on top of me,” Carla says.

Carla was eventually freed from her car and took her to the hospital for treatment of her injuries, including a brain injury.

Now, she is on the hunt for the man who saved Carla that day. It seems the Good Samaritan only stayed with Carla until emergency workers arrived on the scene, and then quickly went off on his way.

“I want to hug him,”Carla, through tears “I can’t give him anything for Christmas, but I at least want to tell him: I owe him everything.”



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