‘Great British Bake Off’s’ Lizzie Got a Sassy Show-Inspired Tattoo


Every season, there is always at least one Great British Bake Off contestant who is just a little off the beaten path. Kim-Joy Hewlett’s adorable cakes, as well as her excellent use of every colour, are fondly remembered by us. During Halloween, we break out our copy of The Wicked Baker cookbook by Helena Garcia, the only goth to grace the tent.

Lizzie Acker is our constant delight in the 2021 season. We can’t get enough of her rich Liverpool accent and exciting ensemble choices. We have another reason to love Lizzie. Lizzie has a tattoo that commemorates her time on the Great British Bake Off. But it’s more than sweet and gooey. What tattoo did Great British Bake Off‘s Lizzie get? I can’t WAIT to get in there.

The ‘Great British Bake Off contestants Lizzie & Freya are best friends in real life.

Freya, the young vegan chef who was eliminated from Week 5, also got tattooed. Not only did she get nearly the same tattoo as Lizzie, the only difference is Freya got “GBBO” in place of “finesse,” but they did it together. This is so adorable! You should know that the ink they used to make their tattoos was vegan.

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It seems that the two hit it off immediately upon meeting. In an interview with Liverpool World, Lizzie said she felt like she had known Freya for years and was in awe of her because “when I was 19 I just wanted to get drunk.” Evidently, they see each other most weekends and even swap clothes on occasion. “I don’t think there’s any getting rid of her soon. Which I am pretty happy about,” raved Lizzie.

Source: Twitter / @iAmZekeD

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Getting the tattoo was also important for Lizzie, who never thought she could be a contestant on The Great British Bake Off. Recently, she shared her experiences on social media about being severely dyslexic as well as being on the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder spectrum. Some of her recipes are in the new The Great British Bake Off: A Bake for All Seasons book, about which Lizzie said, “I don’t read books, so having recipes I came up with in a book is mind-blowing.” Now that’s what we call finesse.

The Great British Bake Off drops Fridays on Netflix.