Greggs 23-year-old superfan gets a huge tattoo of a vegan sausage roll on her leg


While many people love a cheeky Greggs from time to time, only a few people will be willing to share their affection for the high street bakery with the world.

Beth Kweeday, Greggs superfan, asked a friend at her tattoo studio to ink a sausage roll vegan on her leg.

The bakery’s vegan sausage rolls are a favorite of the 23-year old tattoo apprentice.

Rachel Baldwin (35), a colleague, created Beth’s artwork. Rachel suggested that Beth get the tattoo after she observed Beth’s lunch habits.

Bold as Brass tattoo shop in Liverpool is owned by the pair. Rachel tattooed Beth vegetarian on October 21.

Beth got inked to honour her love for their vegan sausage rolls
Beth was inked to show her love for vegan sausage rolls

Beth now says she is in the healing phase. “couldn’t be happier”The result of her latest ink.

Beth said: “All my colleagues in the tattoo shop have a running joke about how often I buy food from Greggs.

“When Rachel suggested the tattoo, I was on board straight away – a lot of my tattoos are quite serious so it’s good to have a jokey one too.

“I definitely wouldn’t say no to another Greggs tattoo – it’s opened a door for me now.

“It’s safe to say I’m a Greggs superfan!”

The artwork was carried out by Beth's colleague Rachel Baldwin
Rachel Baldwin, Beth’s colleague, created the artwork.

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Rachel, who spent an hour inking the pastry on Beth’s leg, said: “The tattoo idea came about because Beth goes to Greggs around five times every day.

“We love all their vegan options, so she suggested that we continue our relationship.”

Another pastry fanatic chose to show her love of the brand with a Greggs logo tattoo – in a very intimate spot.

The pair designed the cartoon sausage roll together, before marking it permanently on Beth's leg
Beth was the first to create the cartoon sausage roll, and Beth signed it.

After the pandemic, Caitlin Jones of Paisley, Scotland, was forced to close her local branch.

So the 20-year-old sausage roll addict had the company’s iconic blue and yellow logo permanently etched on her bum.

“I’m obsessed with Greggs and I’ve always loved their sausage rolls.

“Before lockdown I used to get one almost every day, so it was a huge relief when they closed.” she said.

“Greggs was the most important thing to me, and I was more concerned about the pubs than Greggs. So I decided to get something to show my love for them when the tattoo parlours opened.