Grey’s Anatomy’s Epic Romances


Ah, Japril. The romance that started in calamity—never forget when April (Sarah Drew) left her fiancé standing at the altar to run off with Jackson (Jesse Williams)—and ended in tragedy. After she discovered she was pregnant, they discovered their unborn child had a fatal illness. April gave birth their stillborn son Samuel. The couple divorced in season 11 but a one-night stand resulted in Harriet, their daughter. Drew split with Matthew in season 11.Justin BrueningJackson’s blessing), spontaneously wed him.

Japril lovers were however given a home in Grey’s when April returned to Grey’s season 17 to finish Jackson’s journey. Specifically, after Jackson decided to move to Boston to lead the foundation in its fight for racial equity, a newly single April made the decision to move to the east coast with their daughter Harriet—leaving hope that these two may reunite in the future.

In the finale of the 18th season, the Grey’sThe creative team confirmed Japril was romantically reunited when they had the doctors kiss in the episode.

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