Groom Kicks Out His Brother-In-Law Who Gave Out Invitations For His Own Wedding


A man has shared his story anonymously saying he had no choice but to ask his brother-in-law to leave his wedding after he gave out invitations to his own big day, despite being asked to stop.

A groom kicked his brother-in-law out of his wedding after the new relative kept giving out invitations to his own big day despite being asked to stop.

Sharing his story anonymously, the man said that his wife’s brother had asked in advance if he could announce his own wedding before theirs, but he was politely asked not to.

Then, on the day of the wedding, he showed up and began shaking hands with friends – and at the same time handing them a small envelope that turned out to be an invitation.

The groom then asked the brother-in-law to stop as it was changing the atmosphere of the wedding, but he refused – and was soon after asked to leave.

Taking to Reddit, the man said: “On the day of the wedding he showed up with his fiancee and daughter in the middle of the ceremony.

“He didn’t even sit he just started going around shaking guests’ hands and handing them small cards which turned out to be his wedding invitations.

“I was upset but couldn’t interrupt the ceremony but obviously people were distracted which was awful.

“The ceremony was over and he was still handing out his wedding invitations and talking about how his wedding will look like from the atmosphere, the venue, etc – basically putting my wedding down in every way he could.

“I walked straight up to him and asked what he was doing.”

The men then got into an argument and the brother-in-law began hurling insults, before being asked to leave.

The groom continued: “I lost it on him and told him to leave immediately. His fiancee and my mother-in-law came and tried to get me to drop it but I told him to leave right then.

“He was angry and left then had my in-laws come at me for kicking my wife’s brother out in the middle of her wedding and refusing to let him be there and support her.”

The man shared his story online to seek advice, and soon other Reddit users were commenting their opinion on his awkward situation.

One user said: “I’m sorry, he handed them out mid-ceremony? What kind of delusional world do you have to live in to do that?”

While another added: “I don’t think you want to be invited to his wedding, although you could do the same thing that he did to you at his wedding and see how he feels.”

And a third user added: “I wouldn’t apologize, he sounds like a total a*****e. Are you really bothered about not being invited to his wedding?”

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