Guide to the Dismissed Case against Adnan Singh


Wilds withdrew from the murder trial of Syed after he testified. Serial. After the podcast’s first season finale, he said this in December 2014. The Intercept in his first public interview that he felt Sarah Koenig had “demonized” him.

Wilds was a key witness in the prosecution’s case, but the defense claimed that he was lying to protect his own life. Koenig would ask the question: Why Adnan? Adnan didn’t appear to be able to answer the questions at the end. ThatJay’s close friends would have asked him to help with the burying of a body. She spent much time discussing Jay’s inconsistent story between his interviews with detectives, and his testimony at trial.

“People have to realize, we try cases in the real world,”Kevin Urick was the one who prosecuted Syed. The InterceptWhen Jay is asked about Jay’s multiple stories changing. “We take our witnesses as we find them. We did not pick Jay to be Adnan’s accomplice. Adnan picked Jay. Remember, Jay committed a crime here. He was an accomplice after the fact in a murder. A very serious crime…People can very seldom tell the same story the same way twice. If they did, I’d be very suspicious of it because that would look like it was rehearsed.”

“My wife knows about my involvement in this case,” Wilds said. “Because I eventually cooperated with the police and testified, I know that there are people back home who would consider me a snitch and would hurt me. So, for the most part, we’ve been really protective about our privacy.”

He told The Intercept that Syed first showed him Hae’s body in the trunk of his car outside Wilds’ grandma’s house, not in the Best Buy parking lot—a revelation that was not relayed during the trial or by Serial. But Wilds insisted he had nothing to do with the act of murdering Lee.

“There’s nothing that’s gonna change the fact that this guy drove up in front of my grandmother’s house, popped the trunk, and had his dead girlfriend in the trunk,”He stated. “Anything that’s going to make him innocent doesn’t involve me. Hae was dead before she got to my house. Anything that makes Adnan innocent doesn’t involve me. There is a specific point where I became involved in this. What happened before that, I don’t know.”

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