Gunfire interrupts North Carolina Little League Tournament. Terrifying coaches, players, and spectators


Gunfire burst into flames during a North Carolina Little League tournament. It terrified players, coaches, spectators, and themselves.

Caitlin KOSZCZEPIKI, Mom Caitlin, was recording live video at the game when the shots rang. As another spectator ran under the bleachers, she raced to her safety. 

Koszczepki was told by someone to stop the live-video, but she refused.

“I wanted to keep the live feed on as much as I could, because I knew the people at home needed to know what was going on and was hoping that something would be able to help,” Koszczepki said.

The shots started in the fourth inning on the nearby field. The young players hid on the field and dropped their bats.

Chris Breslin, assistant coach, had his son on the field. He saved a youngster from being shot.

“I remember thinking, ‘This is the worst thing, and it’s happening right now. And it’s not over,’”Breslin agreed.

After the shooting, the rest of the scheduled games were canceled.