Gunman shoots patient at hospital, putting chaos emergency room under lockdown


A man from Jacobi Hospital, Bronx, New York pulled out a gun, fired four shots at a patient, before fleeing.

According to reports, a man opened fire on a Bronx patient with a gun, setting off panic and locking down the police.

Footage shows the horrifying incident in which a man dressed as a black man waited at Jacobi Hospital’s casualty department.

He can be seen then suddenly leaping forward and firing multiple shots at another man, who is running to evade him.

The gunman sprints away while the victim stands still and looks at his wounds.

It is reported that the gunman visited a friend at the Bronx Hospital at 12.30pm.

An NYPD spokesperson said that he saw the victim and possibly got into an argument with him.

“It looks like he just takes (his gun) and starts shooting,”The officer stated, “Reported the New York Post.

The victim, aged 35, was shot four times and struck in the forearm.

Eric Adams, Mayor of Toronto, said that he would visit the victim.

He tweeted: “This was a reprehensible act, one made even worse by the fact that it happened in a place where New Yorkers go for safety and to heal.

“Contact @NYPDNews immediately for any additional information.”

NYC Health and Hospitals, which operates Jacobi and the city’s other public hospitals and clinics, called it a “cowardly act” at a place of healing.

It tweeted: “It was cowardice in a place where New Yorkers go for healing and care.

“Our #HealthCareHeroes swiftly took care of the victim and took actions to protect other patients in the waiting room. Our immediate focus is on caring for the patient and ensuring the safety of our staff. We are working closely with @NYPDnews as they conduct their investigation.”

The victim will be expected to make a full recovery after surgery, according to police investigating the shooting.

Visitors to the hospital were shocked at what they saw.

“We heard the commotion and everybody started running and we didn’t know what was going on. We heard someone had gotten shot and we couldn’t believe it because we are in a hospital,”Nancy Rivera, a New York Post visitor, said so.

Kevin Jacobs (34), is a manager of hospital parking. “It’s The Bronx – that’s all I can say. It’s crazy.

“It’s The Bronx, you can’t really do anything. This is what happens in The Bronx.”