Gwen Stefani allegedly sent a warning to Blake Shelton over Miranda Lambert’s ex-wife, Suspicious Source says


It is Gwen StefaniWarning Blake SheltonHe should not go on tour with his ex wife. One tabloid claims a recent gaffe of Stefani’s was actually a calculated move on her part. Here’s the latest gossip about Stefani and Shelton’s marriage.

Gwen Stefani Sending Signals To Blake Shelton?

This week, National Enquirer Gwen Stefani, according to reports, is telling Blake Shelton subtly to tone down. Stefani recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show missing a key piece of jewelry: her wedding ring. According to the singer, she accidentally put her ring in a washing machine. “I’m so sorry, Blakey,”Stefani added on-air “I love my husband!”Sources claim that Shelton was warned by the appearance.

“Few, if any, people would have noticed she wasn’t wearing her ring,”Insider recipes “But Blake got the message that the wedding ring, and everything else, could go away.”According to reports, tensions between Stefani Shelton and Shelton are growing behind closed doors. According to sources, Stefani is tired of seeing her husband gain weight while she works hard to stay healthy. “It distresses her that while she is exercising, Blake is chowing down and guzzling beers,”The tipster adds. But that’s not all that’s weighing on their marriage.

While The Voice Shelton is currently in the off-season and sources claim that Shelton considered going on tour with Miranda Lambert, his ex-wife and fellow country singer. “Blake believes they could sell out stadiums, but that’s not necessarily music to Gwen’s ears,”The snitch whispers. “She knows Blake loves her, but she feels she’s not getting the best of Blake he can be, and it’s become a real problem.”

Gwen Stefani Telling Blake Shelton To ‘Shape Up’?

This report is so far removed from reality that it’s hard to see how it ever even got published. First of all, the outlet is deluding itself if it truly believes that no one would have noticed Gwen Stefani’s missing wedding ring. Maybe the average viewer wouldn’t have paid it any mind, but stories about celebrities missing their wedding rings are the tabloids’ bread and butter. This is an example of another story in the National Enquirer about Reese Witherspoon’s missing her wedding ring.

The tabloid reported that Witherspoon and her husband were heading for divorce because they had lost their piece of jewelry. It was surprising that the couple was doing fine. So, given the tabloids’ tendency to think the worst any time a married celebrity goes out without their wedding ring, it was pretty smart of Stefani to go ahead and address it. But, unfortunately, it didn’t work out in her favor.

Then, there’s this business about Blake Shelton wanting to tour with Miranda Lambert. No credible outlet has reported anything of that nature, so it’s unclear where the outlet is getting this information. And knowing what we do about Shelton and Lambert’s divorce, a reunion tour doesn’t seem likely.

Shelton and Lambert have remained distant from one another since their split in 2015. Their split spurred plenty of rumors of infidelity and heartbreak, and while we can’t speak to their legitimacy, it’s no secret that their separation was contentious. So, it just doesn’t seem like a Blake Shelton-Miranda Lambert tour would be pleasant for anyone involved.

The Tabloid on the Couple

We know better than not to trust the National Enquirer Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani can be trusted everywhere they are concerned. In January, the outlet reported Miranda Lambert was racing against Gwen Stefani to be the first to have a baby. After seven months of marriage, the magazine reported that Shelton and Stefani were headed for divorce. And most recently, the publication alleged Shelton was fed-up with Stefani’s plastic surgery habit. Since none of these reports turned out to be true, we just can’t trust the tabloid’s latest tale either.

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