Gwen Stefani Supposedly Worried About Blake Shelton’s ‘Blubbery’Appearance and Liposuction Plans, Unverified Claims of Tipsters


It is Gwen StefaniDon’t get fed up Blake Shelton‘s refusal to diet? One tabloid claims Shelton is determined to ditch his gut before the holidays. Here’s what we know about Shelton’s weight-loss plan.

‘Blimpy’Blake Shelton ‘No Willpower’ To Lose Weight?

This week’s edition of the Globe Reports “beefy” Blake Shelton’s weight is getting out of control — and the holidays could be outright dangerous to the “doughy” Voice coach. “Blake’s main problem area is his gut. It doesn’t help that he’s strictly a meat and potatoes guy,”Insider recipes “He loves his carbs and he’s tried cutting back on portions and junk food, but he has no willpower and slips right back into his bad habits.”

The tipster continues to tip. “At this point, Blake figures lipo is damage control. He doesn’t really want to do it, but he’s consoling himself that it’s standard behavior in LA celeb circles. Now that he’s living there full-time, he may as well join the lipo party!” The tabloid even claims his physique has taken a toll on his and Gwen Stefani’s relationship. “Blake’s schedule is so insane he doesn’t have time to exercise so it’s just easier to look at lipo as an option and soon.”

Source claims that holiday feasts will reach his gut. “With the holidays coming, Blake’s at risk of really looking porky. He wants to look good next to his beautiful wife, which is understandable. But it’s a shame he can’t seem to do it the natural way.”

Gwen Stefani ‘Turned Off’ By Shelton’s ‘Doughy And Sweaty Physique’?

This report is absurd, offensive and totally false. First of all, the tabloid doesn’t seem to realize Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been together for six years. Shelton doesn’t look that different from this photo from last fall.

We’re sure no one is panicking over his weight. And it’s just offensive to claim Stefani isn’t attracted to her husband. It’s painfully obvious that this tabloid just wanted to insult Shelton. The magazine doesn’t hesitate to call Shelton a whole slew of offensive names, which is just poor behavior.

We’re absolutely certain the outlet didn’t have any insights into the singer’s personal life, so readers should disregard this entire story. From what we can tell, Shelton and Stefani look pretty happy; isn’t that what matters?

The Tabloid On Celebrities’ Weight

The Globe A history of body-shaming celebrities has been quite brutal. The tabloid reported recently that there was a history of body-shaming celebrities. “flabby Fonzie” Henry Winkler’s doctors told him to “diet or die.”The outlet then claimed that Russell Crowe was trying to lose weight in order to become a star in a Gladiator sequel. The magazine claimed that Tom Cruise had lost his identity after gaining weight. The magazine also claimed that Jack Nicholson was the most recent victim. “staring at a death sentence”After reaching 350 pounds. The result was obvious Globe has no real concern for celebrities’ health and would rather relentlessly insult their appearances.

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